Stayed Gone - Andrew Underberg&Sam Haft&Christian Borle&Amir Talai&Joel Perez

Stayed Gone-Andrew Underberg&Sam Haft&Christian Borle&Amir Talai&Joel Perez.mp3
[00:00.0]Stayed Gone (Explicit) - Andrew Underberg...
[00:00.0]Stayed Gone (Explicit) - Andrew Underberg/Sam Haft/Christian Borle/Amir Talai/Joel Perez
[00:00.33]Lyrics by:Andrew Underberg/Sam Haft
[00:00.49]That ****** is back
[00:02.09]Yeah I thought he was gone for good too
[00:04.74]It's been seven years
[00:06.29]You still pissed he almost beat you that time
[00:09.06]Uh **** you
[00:10.37]Just saying
[00:11.42]Things have changed a lot since he left town
[00:13.89]That's for sure
[00:15.2]I gotta send a message of who's really in charge of things now
[00:20.25]Welcome home
[00:22.86]I'm gonna make you wish that you'd stayed gone
[00:27.36]Say hello to a new status quo
[00:32.57]Everyone knows that there's a brand new dawn
[00:36.28]Turn the TV on
[00:40.28]Camera speeds
[00:41.23]Rolling in three two
[00:44.01]Welcome to the show
[00:46.01]Top of the hour and we're discussing a certain has-been
[00:47.78]Who has been spotted cavorting around town
[00:49.57]Welcome to the show
[00:49.71]After a seven-year absence
[00:50.57]Did anybody miss him
[00:51.61]Welcome to the show
[00:51.75]Did anybody notice
[00:52.21]More on tonight's program
[00:53.73]So the Radio Demon is back in town
[00:55.21]Why is he hanging around
[00:56.44]What does that mean for your family
[00:58.1]Well handily I've got good news
[00:59.42]He's a loser a fossil
[01:00.34]And I don't mean to sound hostile
[01:01.6]But the demon is a coward
[01:03.11]You can take that as gospel
[01:04.24]Pulling my viewers
[01:05.47]I'm visual he's barely audible
[01:06.9]Stop giving him the time of day
[01:08.44]Don't listen to a word he'd say
[01:09.69]I hope he had a nice vacay
[01:11.06]But he should've stayed away
[01:13.26]While he hid in radio we've pivoted to video
[01:17.81]Now his medium is getting bloody rare
[01:22.71]Hell's been better since he split
[01:24.93]Where's he been
[01:25.86]Who gives a ****
[01:28.71]Good to be back on the air
[01:31.55]Yes I know it's been a while
[01:32.92]Since someone with style treated Hell to a broadcast
[01:35.7]Sinners rejoice
[01:36.66]What a dated voice
[01:37.81]Instead of a clout-chasing mediocre video podcast
[01:40.479996]Come on
[01:41.09]Is Vox insecure pursuing allure
[01:42.83]Fitting between this fad and that is nothing working
[01:44.84]Ignore his chirping
[01:45.83]Every day he's got a new format
[01:47.380005]You're looking at the future
[01:48.55]He's the **** that comes before that
[01:50.64]Is Vox as strong as he purports
[01:53.21]Or is it based on his support
[01:55.53]He'd be powerless without the other Vees
[01:58.82]Oh please
[02:00.14]And here's the sugar on the cream
[02:02.53]He asked me to join his team
[02:04.38]H-hold on
[02:04.9]I said no and now he's pissy
[02:07.28]That's the tea
[02:08.19]You old-timey prick I'll show you suf-ffering
[02:11.3]Uh oh the TV is buffering
[02:13.67]I'll destroy you yo-ou lit-tle
[02:17.33]I'm afraid you've lost your signal
[02:26.61]Let's begin
[02:30.23]I'm gonna make you wish that I'd stayed gone tune on in
[02:39.32]When I'm done your status quo will know its race is run
[02:47.37]Oh this will be fun