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火力全开 - 王力宏

[00:09.230]打倒帝国主义 不愿再做奴隶 [00:14.700]我...
[00:09.230]打倒帝国主义 不愿再做奴隶
[00:19.700]你说LADY卡卡 我说何必怕她
[00:24.800]oh~~~~~ 别向她们磕头
[00:30.850]文化是武器 埋在每根神经
[00:39.800]绝不允许失败 胜利不必等待
[00:59.260]这次的战略 是火力全开
[01:04.560]火力全 开 火力全 开
[01:09.700]火力全 开
[01:31.320]So many accusations
[01:33.660]of an Asian invasion
[01:36.530]here they come a point'n fingers at me
[01:40.890]preyin'on a mass emotion
[01:43.890]stirrin'up a big commotion
[01:46.790]trying to assign responsibilities
[01:51.710]gonna stop this negativity
[01:54.160]turn it into positivity with integrity
[01:57.530]giving all of me.for all to see
[02:00.140]this fight for equality
[02:02.330]but even if they blame us
[02:04.340]try to frame us nobody can shame us
[02:07.310]i'm a sing this next verse in Chinese
[02:26.390]火力全 开 火力全 开
[02:31.650]火力全 开
[03:36.780]火力全 开
[04:07.490]火力全 开