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A Legend - 张艺兴

A Legend-张艺兴.mp3
[00:00.0]A Legend (Sampling from:美丽的神话) - 张...
[00:00.0]A Legend (Sampling from:美丽的神话) - 张艺兴
[00:12.54]우리 너무 사랑해서 아팠었네요
[00:18.42]서로 사랑한단 말도 못했었네요
[00:24.61]Oh baby I just want a love that will last forever
[00:30.83]Through the dreams that we found we won't give up never
[00:37.79]I can see you from my past life
[00:40.56]Oh I can see a star to the dark night
[00:43.35]Everybody has their own journey
[00:45.87]But everything about you feels right
[01:02.35]Memories in the shadows
[01:05.19]In a world so cold
[01:08.26]It's my heart I got to follow
[01:11.1]I can't lose control
[01:13.31]Ohh I got a broken heart and it's torn in two
[01:19.25]Ohh but there is not a moment I would undue
[01:25.29]I tell myself to let it go
[01:31.229996]I feel things that I can't ignore
[01:37.21]I been alone but I will be fine
[01:42.979996]The tears I shed won't wash will the good times
[02:00.43]우리 너무 사랑해서 아팠었네요
[02:06.25]서로 사랑한단 말도 못했었네요