ITS OKAY NOW - TheReal FatBoi

ITS OKAY NOW-TheReal FatBoi.mp3
[00:38.35]I used to remember the days when we were...
[00:38.35]I used to remember the days when we were dead broke
[00:41.25]Had no money for rent so I would slang dope
[00:43.79]I still picture the day when you left home, leaving two broken kids on their own
[00:47.92]No power, water, no food, when you broke off
[00:51.07]All we wanted was a mother that could hold us close
[00:52.72]But instead pain, tears and lost cause, from your addiction and depression we were so lost
[00:57.63]From day one to the end there was fake love, no sense of protection no place to run off
[01:02.35]"But it's okay, I understand, momma don't cry" ya baby boy's in a place that you can't find
[01:07.41]No one to to beat on him, kick him down to the ground, no one to pick on him for being his fatself
[01:12.34]But wait don't that seem quite familiar, that was you all along quite peculiar
[01:25.67]But it's okay, but it's okay
[01:36.20]I used to hang around thugs, even though they sold drugs showed a brother love, ha
[01:41.00]I used to sell rocks, sitting by the mail box, when I heard a couple shots coming from my bro's opps
[01:45.00]Dad walked out when I was a ****ing baby, man that shit is so ****ing crazy, ha
[01:50.72]Couldn't let it faze me
[01:51.61]Cops beating me for my color, couldn't even call my ****ing mother
[01:58.50]But it's okay
[02:04.62]It is okay
[02:08.89]Yeah it's okay, yeah it's okay
[02:14.83]Tell my fam that I miss them, wish I could kiss them, maybe even just a hug, huh
[02:20.53]But they goin treat me like a bug sweep me underneath the rug
[02:25.76]That's the life of a thug
[02:29.98]That's the life of a thug
[02:31.37]That's the life of a thug, That's the life of a thug, That's the life of a thug