有一个姑娘 - 刘美麟

[00:00.000] 作词 : 琼瑶 [00:01.000] 作曲 : 李正帆...
[00:00.000] 作词 : 琼瑶
[00:01.000] 作曲 : 李正帆
[00:02.05]英文词:Alex Hong
[03:00.94]混音母带:Anzol@Cuckoo Studio,CN
[00:33.32]来到虚拟世界 我今天要打场胜仗
[00:36.54]没时间研究 现在我化个什么妆
[00:39.95]战场上看到口红 我还是得捡枪
[00:42.76]生活不就是战场 跑到这里
[00:47.85]说话直爽 被骂没情商
[00:49.32]规矩圆圆方方 遵循条条框框
[00:57.48]她有一些任性 她还有一些嚣张
[01:03.99]她有一些叛逆 她还有一些疯狂
[01:08.67]Ha ho 这个姑娘 ha ho
[01:15.24]Hao 这个姑娘 ah ah ah ah
[01:48.74]她有一些任性 她还有一些嚣张
[01:55.20]她有一些叛逆 她还有一些疯狂
[02:00.33]I'm different from the other girls you see on TV
[02:03.13]Believe me
[02:03.99]I won't be resting on my laurels I won't take it easy
[02:07.08]Miss independent never come in second
[02:09.28]Got my friends and they're a blessing
[02:10.95]The lesson I learned is that I won't be
[02:13.16]Wasting my time
[02:14.07]Or faking a smile
[02:15.09]I know it might have took me a while
[02:17.23]I figured it out
[02:18.49]And now I'm taking off from the ground
[02:20.44]And into the clouds
[02:21.51]And ain't nobody gonna kill my vibe
[02:23.22]When they see me fly
[02:24.05]‘Cause I know that I won't be denied