狼之主 - 塞壬唱片-MSR,Adam Gubman,Shawn W. Smith

狼之主-塞壬唱片-MSR,Adam Gubman,Shawn W. Smith.mp3
[00:00.000] 作词 : Adam Gubman [00:01.000] 作曲 :...
[00:00.000] 作词 : Adam Gubman
[00:01.000] 作曲 : Adam Gubman
[00:19.94]You’re tough
[00:20.70]but it’s never been about you
[00:23.16]You’re free
[00:23.92]but cement your feet, a statue
[00:26.49]Your rules
[00:27.31]but you’d rather make up something
[00:29.69]You’re dead
[00:30.51]You were never good for nothing
[00:33.02]Double negative
[00:34.28]Leading me in circles
[00:36.31]Twist infinity
[00:38.24]you drive me insane
[00:40.35]Hit hard
[00:41.14]a broken wall
[00:43.60]Hit hard, I gave it all
[00:46.90]Hit hard, a family tie, oh,
[00:50.98]but you’d rather just fight.
[01:05.50]Your dirt never washed off in an April shower
[01:08.88]You’re crushed by the weight of those you can’t devour
[01:12.10]You’re armed, but the plan never executed
[01:15.30]You’re shocked that you’d hold a gun and never shoot it
[01:18.53]Regulating when the rules are simply saturated
[01:21.94]Is it everything or is it just that I’m insane?
[01:26.00]Hit hard
[01:26.86]a broken wall
[01:29.23]Hit hard, I gave it all
[01:32.58]You tried and failed and fell, whoa…
[02:47.23]All of this to say you lost it all to gain some power,
[02:50.19]All of this to say you plant a seed and kill the flower,
[02:53.30]All of this to say you talk your way into your silence,
[02:56.52]All of this is just a ploy to force your hand to violence.
[02:59.71]It‘s a waste of time
[03:01.30]Thinking you got tough
[03:02.87]When it’s never really been enough…
[03:04.78]Am I insane?
[03:06.76]Hit hard
[03:07.61]a broken wall,
[03:09.99]Hit hard, I gave it all,
[03:13.07]You tried and failed and fell.