Everywhere We Go - SonReal

Everywhere We Go-SonReal.mp3
Yeah, burd n keyz Who that there, huh you ain't go...
Yeah, burd n keyz
Who that there, huh you ain't gonna ask no longer right? x3
Who that there everywhere we go
Everywhere we go, everywhere we go x2

[Verse 1]

Its me, jean jacket with the chops lee
Showin off a young homie (zzzz)
No No No I ain't doin him
(him him him him him)
(na na na na na)
Doing me's me's me's me's
Grew up on the top i rap to
Really make you spit it
So if you see him kill it you ain't gotta ask who did it
Girls, they totally love the way im singing
Said baby thats the heart
They take the verses that im bringin like
About one year ago, i was all on my own
We was trying to get on, so I put the pen to my dome
Wrote the realest **** in my life
Then i put it all in a poem
Critics said that i was crazy, now they write their asses home


[Verse 2]
It's me, never talkin bout no molly
Or I rap about a hottie on my body like a goddy
Im tourin up in cali but my roadies in the lobby
People ask me who i am i just give their ass a copy like
Take that **** and goodness baby im back
You could tell by the way that i rap whoo
Came up in this ************ ain't nobody like it
Thought of what I thought up ain't nobody like it
Cam up in the booth and its time that i recite it
Dollar up in my pocket, tryna make this my own
Critics call my ass crazy now they writing their ass home


[Verse 3]

Cool kid cool kid ay tell me what you see
Cause if I see it I'mma be that too
Go ahead and follow me follow me
New kid new kid ay its all i really be
Mama tell me way back im a star
Now im walking down the street everybody that sees says