something just like this(合唱版)(翻自 The Chainsmokers) - 权熙洁

something just like this(合唱版)(翻自 The Chainsmokers)-权熙洁.mp3
[00:00.000] 作词 : Chris Martin/Will Champion/Jonn...
[00:00.000] 作词 : Chris Martin/Will Champion/Jonny Buckland/Guy Berryman/Andrew Taggart
[00:01.000] 作曲 : Andrew Taggart/Alex Pall
[00:02.217]I've been reading books of old
[00:03.959]The legends and the myths
[00:06.209]Achilles and his gold
[00:08.219]Hercules and his gifts
[00:10.960]Spiderman's control
[00:12.968]And Batman with his fists
[00:15.718]And clearly I don't see myself upon that list
[00:19.187]But she said, where'd you wanna go?
[00:21.439]How much you wanna risk?
[00:23.437]I'm not looking for somebody
[00:25.687]With some superhuman gifts
[00:27.941]Some superhero
[00:29.681]Some fairytale bliss
[00:32.190]Just something I can turn to
[00:34.431]Somebody I can kiss
[00:36.649]I want something just like this
[00:38.901]Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo